In Europe almost every country had it’s creation. Magnificent pieces made out of lead crystal from Czechoslovakia as well as Dutch, Belgium, French, Austria and especially the English and Danish silver smithy show the big variety. The first shaker made of synthetic material was produced in 1935 in Britain, out of Bakelite.

After 1939 the metal factories unfortunately went over to produce ammunition instead of cocktail shakers. In the United States an era was finished. At the “height time” of the cocktail era the cocktail shaker was THE gift at weddings. Even later the shaker was the perfect gift at jubilees (with engraving), organizations and also with the military.

After World War II not only in the USA the time of blenders and bottom-pushing started, also in Europe we had mixing gadgets operating with batteries.

For a short time there was still a “shaker time”, when wet bars and cellar bars were “in”. There was also a big demand for new kitchen and bar equipment. Many glass shakers from the fifties and sixties show this.

Today this way of mixing is called “flairing” and the ICC (International Cocktail Competition, free style) elects every year a world champion.

Supposedly got the first shaker his registered patent around 1839 in the Mid-West of the USA. Since then a lot of new ideas for perfect mixing were thought of.