Stirred, not Shaken.

A little story about cocktails and in what they are made by the Shaker-Man.

Cocktails or their predecessors are around since a long time. Already the old Egypt’s mixed alcoholic beverages (beer, mead, fermented juices) with herbs and well tasting ingredients. Most likely did the Romains and later the Aztecs the same. (Montezuma drank his chocolate out of a covered golden cup). It has not come down to us if is was shaken . (Most likely stirred).

Mixed beverages made of alcoholic spirits (rum, arrak) grain spirits (whisky) with herbs (mint juleps) and juices, spices and bitters are probably around in the USA since a couple hundred years.

The first shaker emerged (not confirmed) when a man or woman was busy with cups and spoons and then found out, that the cups merge. The surrounding people loved the way how the liquids were mixed and the first Show-Barman with shaker was born.

The first cocktail shakers were formed like teapots and the cocktail party at tea time became very popular. The time between 1920 and 1941 was the height of cocktail mixing and also drinking (even during the prohibition). Especially after 1933 there was a real boom for mixed drinks.
In movies barman were seen, as they skillfully mixed the drinks. The Martini (shaken, not stirred) was very popular. A shaker was found in almost every household, sees as a status symbol. Factories manufactured glass and metal shakers as mass-produced articles. Later they produced precious models out of silver, chrome, glass and their mixed versions. Famous forms are pins / bells / dumb-bells / light-houses / golfbags and more of that kind.
The most famous ones from Germany (Made in Germany) are shaped like an airplane (22 pieces, inside gold-plated), a Zeppelin and the travel-shaker. The collector items are traded for maximum prices.

Uncountable versions in a big shape variety show the fascination of these “SHAKING CUPS”. The mix and bar fashion came with Ocean-Liners to Europe and their big cities (example: Paris with the World Exhibition and Harry’s Bar and his barfly’s).

In Austria cocktails were mixed since the change of the century, first at the bars at the Grand-Hotels.